Martin Cathrae - airplane night

Destination: Home

My life is always in motion. Riding in trains, planes and automobiles. Always away from home, spending my life in between luggage. But then again, some things make you feel home, just like Prizren’s kebabs, Tivar’s olives, Tirana’s nightlife, or the fact that you always have to share the backseat of Dad’s car with an oversize bag.

ave maria

Dios de Los Angeles

Part Three of: “New York Spring in California: a detective story in more than three parts”.
And then I realized something: this theatrical performance beyond theatre, this part of life itself, this drama of truth from the emotional depths of his soul, was neither his exploding anger, nor him being melodramatic (the way artists tend to be). This was an offering to the Gods of Los Angeles. A sacrificial prayer in the lines of: “My dear Gods of Moving Pictures, that watch at us from unreachable heights, please accept this modest sacrificial offering of my emotions, my bread and butter, as a token of my respect for you. In my poorness I have to offer you (nothing) but my blood and my emotions. And so I choose to offer you the only valuable possession of mine. Please accept these emotions of mine, so you can feed and feast on them like your Olympian ancestors feasted on food and wine and human tragedy.”


How to Stir the Ocean with a Teaspoon

Part Two of: “New York Spring in California: a detective story in more than three parts”.
Lost in the serenity of the sea, I wondered whether sea-lions are endangered species. No particular reason, it’s just that I almost ran over them while sailing for the first time in my life. That would’ve really pissed off Mother Nature.

the big combo

The Hostage Spring

Part one of New York Spring in California: a detective story in more than three parts.
Unfortunately for me, Spring was being held hostage this year, and it was up to me to rescue it. Winter and Summer were asking for too high of a ransom, but as a matter of principle I refused to negotiate with cold bitches and hot-heads. The city’s humidity started to drive me insane, transforming me into a film noir detective with the urge to rescue this femme fatale despite all of my instincts telling me otherwise.