Martin Cathrae - airplane night

Destination: Home

My life is always in motion. Riding in trains, planes and automobiles. Always away from home, spending my life in between luggage. But then again, some things make you feel home, just like Prizren’s kebabs, Tivar’s olives, Tirana’s nightlife, or the fact that you always have to share the backseat of Dad’s car with an oversize bag.


Of Expats and Astronauts

It has been exactly three years since your last trip home. That is longer than two round-trips to Mars. Last time that you stayed this long without visiting home, you almost went mad, literally. Not sure if you technically qualify as part of diaspora, you always considered yourself more of a lone wolf. But being scattered and displaced throughout space and time, and constantly thinking of home, sure matches the definition of diaspora. But, not having that sense of permanence to the place you currently live in, you not only identify yourself as an expat, but you often even feel like an astronaut.


Top 5 Comic Books

Now that you are succeeding in keeping all those New Year’s resolutions, and you stopped smoking, started going to the gym, are eating healthy foods, became more disciplined, and are constantly striving for perfection in your work and studies, now you deserve to reward yourself. As a solution, we propose a nice compromise that will both entertain and enlighten you at the same time. We are referring, of course, to comic books, and these are some of our favorites…


Scientifically Speaking: The Commercial Space Race

The success of the Dragon capsule is an example of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. It is a great model on how the state can help incubate businesses. We in Kosovo should learn from such models, if not for launching rockets, then at least launching small promising start ups that would help improve the local economy.


A Beginner’s Guide to Passive-Aggressive Beach Flirting

From my left I admire the animated movements of the heated discussion of two college girls. Then, directly in front of me is a girl with the tribal tattoo who keeps moving her head to the beats of her earphones, while on my right, a blonde that just returned from swimming. With her hair dripping, she bounces up and down in an attempt to get rid of the water stuck in her ears. As I said, a strategic location indeed.


Scientifically Speaking: The Large Hadron Collider

In a sense, our scientific curiosity didn’t evolve much since our cavemen ancestors. Let’s take a rock for example. What is it made out of? Even a Neanderthal could tell you that if you smash a rock, you will produce smaller rock pieces. And smashing those smaller pieces, will produce even smaller ones, until there comes a point when we may call them dust.

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Creativity: Tools 2

It all comes down to the best creativity instrument ever designed. It took around 3.8 billion years of evolutions, until nature came up with the current version of your brain. It has the ability for what scientists call neuroplasticity, which means, re-routing and rewiring neural networks on demand.

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Creativity: Tools 1

As a Civilization we managed to arrive where we are thanks to our ability to use tools. Ever since we figured out that we can use rocks and sticks as extensions of our body, we have perfected them to better serve our purposes.


Scattered Blood: The Wandering Knight

The fourth and final episode of “Scattered Blood”, in which our story of princesses, alleged ghosts, priests, and knights comes full-circle, as it truly begins with the Knight of violets’ journey.